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Origin: World-wide Zultanite® occurs only in one specific location: remote, mountainous region in Anatolia, Turkey.

Name History: Zultanite® was named by Mr.Murat Akgun in honor of the 36 Sultans who founded the Ottoman Empire in Anatolia in the late 13th century, which endured for more than 600 years and expanded into one of the world's most formidable empires, eventually becoming today's modern Republic of Turkey.

Color: At their best, gems turn from kiwi-like green to rhodolite-like purplish-pink. The same gem can show a khaki-green to cognac-pink color change in a different environment. It might shift from light, pinkish-champagne color to that of ginger ale under different light sources. Even depending of the time of the day you may witness many subtle nuances in color.

Clarity: Generally very transparent Type II gemstone (usually eye-clean with some inclusions under 10x magnification).

Size & Shape: Sizes over 5 carats are exceptionally rare. The color of Zultanite® is most intense in sizes above three carats. Smaller gems are usually lighter in color. It is available in most classic shapes like ovals, cushions, princess cuts and round brilliants as well as the newest designs like concave, Portuguese rounds, trilliants, opposed bars, and a variety of radiant cuts.

Special Characteristics:
Zultanite® is a very special gemstone which has phenomenal properties like chatoyancy (cat's eye effect) and color change. The color change of this gem is really unique and needs to be experimented with.

Enhancements: Zultanite® is one of the few gemstones that is not enhancened or treated for beauity. Zultanite Gems LLC only sells 100% natural and un-treated Zultanite® .

Care & Cleaning Tips: Gemstones are quite literally hard as rock, but they can be damaged from careless handling and negligence. Here are some tips for keeping your gems and jewelry looking fabulous for years to come.

Never clean Zultanite® in an ultrasonic cleaner.

  • Try to avoid sudden temperature changes.
  • Try to avoid direct impact to the gemstone.
  • Clean with warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush - preferably in a bowl rather then in the sink.
  • Store separately from other jewelry and gemstones.
  • Make sure to have it worked on by an experienced jeweler.
  • Do not re size or repair a ring set with Zultanite® without removing the gem because the heat of a torch could shatter the gem.
A little care and common sense can add life, luster and longevity to your precious jewelry and gems. Protect your investment by following the above guidelines.


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