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Things you should know about Zultanite®:

NATURAL: Zultanite® is 100% natural. No treatments were used to enhance this gorgeous gem. The Turkish deposit remains the world's only source of Zultanite®.

RARE: Zultanite® is so rare, that few have had the pleasure to behold its exotic beauty. There is only one mine producing genuine Zultanite®. Zultanite® is only mined by us at a remote location in the Anatolian mountains of Turkey directly from the host rock at an altitude exceeding 1000 meters.

PHENOMENAL: Watch the colors subtly changes under different light sources. Zultanite® is pleiochroic, meaning that cut facetted gemstones have a 100% color change ability.

PRECIOUS: After expert cutting, polished Zultanite® weighs only about 3% of the original rough. Gems over 3 carats are exceptional.

RESPONSIBLE:Genuine Zultanite® is recovered with ethical mining techniques with safe procedures that protect the ecosystem: Water sources from chemicals, debris, rubbish, silt and other pollutants; minimize the destruction of flora and fauna; restore mined land as close as possible to its original condition and strongly oppose unfair labor practices by paying our employees well and provide safe working environments.

Zultanite®'s color change phenomenon.
In daylight Zultanite® shows a greenish hue while it displays a raspberry pink under candlelight. Please experiment yourself: Sometimes it is champagne, sometimes olive green, depending of the light, the time of the day and what you are wearing. Zultanite® is a truly phenomenal gemstone!
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